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  • Our fixed currency exchange rate gives you the best deal
  • You can use local currency worldwide
  • You are eligible for discounts with pricelessarabia.com


  • You have no risk of debt or being overdrawn as you only spend what you load
  • No personal or financial information is attached to these cards; decreased risk of ID theft
  • No more cash or coins for you to lose
  • If your card is lost/stolen, you can secure your balance and we can refund your money
  • You can manage your balance online


  • You can use your card globally at any MasterCard location
  • You or your gift recipient defines the spend of the card
  • You can have up to 3 cards
  • You can use the card online for retail or bill payments

Make it personal and write your own message on the back of the pack too:

  • Holidays – Relax and enjoy yourself with this gift from me
  • Birthdays – Happy birthday! Treat yourself to something nice on this special day
  • Graduation – Enjoy and go wild – you’ve earned it!

Where to buy

  • Abu Dhabi International Airport

    T3 Landside Arrivals
    Travelex kiosk – waiting area

    T3 Landside Departures
    Travelex kiosk – next to Panapolis Restaurant

    T3 Airside Departures
    Travelex kiosk – near Duty Free area (next to Boots Pharmacy)
    Travelex kiosk – opposite gate no. 30

    T3 Bus Gates
    Travelex kiosk – bus gates boarding area

    T1 Airside Departures
    Travelex kiosk – transit area (near gate no.5 and 6)

  • Sharjah International Airport

    Airside Departures
    Travelex kiosk – check-in area

    Airside Transit
    Travelex kiosk – near the boarding gates

    Landside Departures
    Travelex kiosk – dome area (near Costa Coffee)

    Elsewhere in Dubai

    +971 4 263 7805

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